Art Direction and Design

The success of a brand begins with the question of "what will I / my company / my product do?" and "who is my target group?"


In the busy world of branded products it is important to create a brand with high recognition values and a meaningful message to stand out from the crowd.


To support the brand I can provide a homepage and other advertising elements, for example Flyers and ads.

A good communications concept and corporate identity guarantees the success of your brand. I have been working for 20 years in many agencies in Germany and have the knowledge and the network of these agencies without having the bureaucracy/ overheads. Which means I am more competitively priced.


My focus is on building a brand and the implementation of this creativitity for various media.

Corporate identity. Branding, name development, design, concept visualization, positioning the brand, logo design, business stationery such as business cards and letters, presentation templates, and more.

Conception and design of any advertising materials, as well as print, flyer design or below-the-line, but also Internet advertising, developing creative strategies and campaigns.

Websides. Conception and design of your website.

Visual implementation of your event. Whether it's major events in the field of business or private celebrations such as weddings or anniversaries. Invitations, thank you cards, table cards, creative gift ideas and more.

Logo Design


BTL, Mailings, Flyer etc.


Advertising in a different way