Martina Grigoleit | Graphic Recording | Visual Facilitation| Visualization of target pictures

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What exactly am I doing?
With the help of the pen, I support companies so that they can / will remain sustainable in an increasingly complex world.
I translate the complexity into a simple visual language, assuming that pictures say more than words.

I have been working as a designer and illustrator for 25 years.

I am based in Lübeck (near Hamburg) and work for various clients all over the world.


Graphic Recording

serves the visual support of spoken words. Complex themes are translated into a symbolic and simple world of images.

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Target Pictures

serve the visualization of complex strategies. For example, „Where are we today, where do we want to go?“

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Visual Facilitation

Really change with pictures. If this is to succeed in the long term, it makes sense to actively involve the Graphic Recorder.

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