Visual Facilitation

VDV Akadamie / Foto: Sabine Prettenhofer
VDV Akadamie / Foto: Sabine Prettenhofer

Visual Facilitation is a combination of Facilitation (consulting) and Graphic Recording.

The focus here is in the viuellen consultation.

In this workshop-like process, we approach the picture together. The thoughts and ideas of the participants are made so visible. The result may be a rough sketch, which will later be worked out in studio work or a „finished“ graphic recording.

This form of visual accompaniment is used when e.g. many questions are still unclear, for example, a strategy image.

The development process promotes cooperation and involves all decision-makers.

Additional Training:

Additional training as a facilitator in the context of the Kommunikationslotsen Curriculums.

(Freelancer by bikablo)

Exemplary work in the development process and final strategy pictures

"Das Außerordentliche geschieht nicht auf glattem, gewöhnlichem Wege."

"The extraordinary will not choose a smooth and common path"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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